puppy dog summer inside of a blue inflatable wearing sunglasses. Isolated on blue background.

Spa Treatment For $20

Spa treatment is the ultimate relaxation using superior products for your pup. Our spa treatment includes upgraded shampoo by Hydra. We not only use high quality products, we use them twice to really get the nice smell and softness in there. It also includes a facial shampoo so their face and mouth feel soft and really smell fabulous. Also if the dogs allow us, we scale their teeth to get plaque and tartar off.

Pet shampoo

Superior Products

This is the ultimate relaxation and upgrade package. We use superior products made by Hydra Sense. This includes a choice of 3 different Hydra Sense shampoo. Each smells amazing and lasts for weeks on your dogs coat. Also included is conditioner for the fur and skin.

Pet brush

Silky Smooth Coat

Keeps the coat silky smooth, and adds to the softness of shorthair dogs. We double shampoo and condition the dogs coat so you really get high quality Spa treatment and benefit for your dog.

Pet trimmer

Full Facial

Your pup also gets a full facial for the mouth and face. Often times this area is overlooked on dogs, but when they kiss you with a fresh mouth it’s all worth it. And last they can have their teeth scaled to help remove most of the plaque that causes bad breath.

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