Your Pet Deserves
a Spa Day!

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Dog and Cat Washing and Grooming
in Fredericksburg, VA

Tools for grooming

Full-Service GroominG

We do not believe you should have to pick and choose what options to include in a groom. Our services include: anal glands expressed, ears cleaned and hair plucked, teeth brushed, and nails clipped and trimmed.

Treatment for dogs

Targeted TreatmenTS

Some furry family members just need an extra TLC. We offer treatments for dry skin, fleas, and ticks.

Cat's paw

Cat Care

We don’t want the cats to miss out! They also deserve full grooming, bathing, a good haircut and shaving, trimmed nails, and clean teeth.

We Love Cats Too!

We tried this spa for the first time last week. Our Great Dane badly needed a bath and nails clipped but we couldn’t figure out a way to get her there with our schedule. They came to the rescue with pick up and delivery. She came home smelling fresh and clean!!


“Being a Paw customer for many years wasn’t sure how my dog would do at a new location. The new owners were Great. Very Welcoming, knowledgeable, and super friendly. The packages are affordable and the Groomers were Awesome! My Lucy came out prancing and smelling good. We’ll definitely be back.”

De Chante W.

“We have been using Paws since 2017 and our pup loves it there! He always comes back smelling nice and super clean!

ETA: We have been so impressed with Dog Gone Dog Spa since they have been under new ownership! The owners are so friendly and Kat, the groomer is patient with my stubborn pup! I especially love that they offer pick up and delivery of my dogs!”

Laura A.

“My daughter and I rescued a golden doodle in 2020 (our “pandemic puppy” Charlie Renee) and the biggest hurdle we faced after rescuing her was finding a groomer that we TRUSTED and LOVED. It took us a few strikeouts with other companies but we were finally told about Dog Gone Dog Spa (formerly Paws Salon) and hope they never go away (or else I’ll have to learn how to groom her myself because I can’t do the groomer roulette ever again!)!” 

– Leeanne K

Dogs and cars are sitting
Dog Gone Dog is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia
The owner is currently blow-drying his dog

Who We Help

The dog and her fur parent


Life is full of always “on the go”. Whether its getting the kids to and from school, to practices, games, or PTA meetings, the list goes on and on. Oh and by the way your 4-legged kid needs a haircut and bath, on top of all the other items on your “to do” list. Let us pick your pup up, pamper them and drop them back off. Ask about extended stays, till 5pm. (Need longer? Ask for details!)

The two dogs are facing the right side


Not all dogs are spring pups. In fact, there are a lot of senior dogs who just do not do well traveling or going to new places. We have many years of experience taking care of special needs, special requirement, and mature dogs. If you are not sure how your dog may react to a new environment, feel free to bring your dog in to meet the staff and see our shop. We are never too busy to accomodate this request.

The dog is currently barking


Let’s be honest – some dogs are terrified of going anywhere, much less a place that gives them a bath and trims their nails. We pride ourselves on caring for the dogs that the big retail stores do not want to bother themselves with. Just because a dog is difficult does not mean it doesn’t deserve to be bathed and treated like other dogs. This includes dogs who may bite when scared, show teeth, bark, shake, or whine. We will take them all, give them nothing but love, and only groom them as far as we feel they will remain safe. We want your dog to get used to the process, so you as its pawrent do not have to worry.

The cat is sitting down on the floor


We love cats! Sure cats can bathe themselves, however some feline friends need help. Some need love just like our dog friends get. We have many years of experience in grooming and bathing cats. Please inquire about our process, and our pricing on all felines.

Fur Baby Needs a Bath? We Can Help!

Whether you just need a quick wash, or want to treat your pet to the full grooming treatment,
you and your furry friend will love your Dog Gone Dog Spa experience!

Who We ARE

Meet the Bishop Family

We are a family with five children ages twelve and under. But our family also includes 4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 bearded dragons, and 1 bunny rabbit. We love all animals, big and small.

We own an Allstate office named Bishop Family Insurance in the heart of Spotsylvania, across from Spotsylvania courthouse. We are a football family: Saturdays we travel with the VA Jags and Sundays we watch the NFL. After 15 years as a finance manager in the car business, I needed a change!

I used to take my dog to the shop, Paws Salon off of Salem fields Blvd in Fredericksburg. When I found out Mrs. Kathy was selling, I jumped at the chance! 2 months later, I bought Paws Salon, and rebranded as Dog Gone Dog Spa. A month after owning we found a gorgeous spot to relocate and the rest is history. I quit the car business and now have more time to be with my family, and I truly love what I do.

I love all dogs, no matter the breed! I get to love dogs all day and take care of people’s precious pups. I also don’t like to upcharge people, my pricing is simple and you get a lot with our grooming packages. I know what it’s like to be surprised by fees and the total amount going up. I wanted to create a simple, genuine experience for dogs and dog owners alike.


Family portrait

Why We’re Different

Touching and patting the dog's head

Doggie pick-up and delivery available

We offer pick-up and delivery of your animals. Free within 2 miles of the shop, and only $10 up to 7 miles.

Photo of a scissors and comb for pets

Express 2-Hour Service Available

We offer an express option when you are just in a hurry and need to get it done, within 90 minutes.

Veterinarian clinic

Anxiety-reduction tactics and a calm environment

We have built our establishment to be a calm and minimize stress environment for our most important clients – the animals of course!

Committed to Our Community

We offer a budget friendly option for any disabled Veteran, or other clients who may be on a fixed income. We work with all people, because we know you love your pets, and they deserve to be pampered as well.

We work with numerous charities and events including Petpalooza in October at the Expo center, locally-owned Allstate office Bishop Family insurance, and “For this child” (a non-profit organization for adoption of kids internationally).


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Trimming the dog's hair

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I schedule a groom?

Either by booking through our website, calling the number 540-548-DOGS(3647), messaging us on Facebook, or walk in and talk with us personally.

How long does a groom take?

It depends on the dog size, hair length, coat condition, behavior, and whether you walk-in or schedule in advance. A typical full groom can take anywhere from 1-3 hours. We always let our pawrents know the timeframe and if it's taking longer than expected. Ask about our express groom/bath program! One hour or less on dogs under 20 pounds.

What if my dog hates to be groomed?

We have several tactics and experience in this field. Not all dogs are happy about someone spraying them with water or trimming their nails. Our promise to you is that we will always have your pets best interest at heart. And if we feel it's too much during the process, we will inform you, and can always schedule to come back. Sometimes it's okay to not get a full groom done in one sitting: we want your pet to be comfortable and be able to come back, without the stress and anxiety. WE TAKE ALL DOGS!

What if I'm not happy with how the groom turned out?

We always talk with the pawrent before we begin to understand how short or long they want the body, the face, the ears, and tail. We pride ourselves in being the best experience for not only your animal, but you as well. We always want our customers to love their groom, and show it off! If you dissatisfied with the groom, let us know and we will work with you to either fix it, or give a credit for the next groom.

What products do you use to bathe the animals?

We only use the highest quality materials. We do not cut corners and buy old, cheap shampoo. We only buy fresh, new shampoo and conditioners. We would never use any type of product that we would not use on our own pets. Rest assured at Dog Gone Dog Spa your pup gets only the best when it comes to quality. We also use high quality blowers, with no heat! Safety is our #1 priority, and heated dryers, even if used carefully, can be dangerous for dogs.

Why use you over the big stores like Petco, Petsmart?

We are not overbooked! We can usually take you same day, which means we will invest our time to get to know your animal on a personal level. We have experienced groomers who know and have seen the good and bad when it comes to customer service. Difficult dog, older dog, special needs dog? We won't turn them away. You will feel at home in our cozy little shop that was built with your pet in mind. No up-charging, no hidden fees, and you will always deal with the same groomers. And we will pick up and deliver your pet back to you safely. No big store can offer this kind of customer service.

What is the Spa treatment?

Spa treatment is the ultimate relaxation using superior products for your pup. Spa includes upgraded shampoo by Hydra Sense.